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Hopupu, the goal is to enjoy

Odisel is a brand that was born to be able to design and create products locally and collaborate with different artists, illustrators or people capable of transmitting passion for what they do.

This time, we want to tell you about Hopupu, the first surfing school in Andalusia, founded by Willi Álvarez in Cadiz and that nowadays, he runs it together with Laura Austry.

"Hopupu" a Hawaiian sacred word that they used to describe the mood and wellness when playing and surfing waves. After a sport session at the sea, we will be in a state of meditation, the Hawaiians feel that it is the connection with God and with Gaia, mother earth.

For Willi Álvarez, one of the keys to Hopupu's success is the way of teaching, of transmitting surfing to his students, where surfing is much more than a sport. " It is a way of looking inside yourself. If you only turn it into a sport that gives you if you catch good waves and if not, you do not get out of the water happy, it is putting too much ego in an activity that is precisely about facing your ego. The goal is to enjoy.."

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