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About Us

“Odisel bases its inspiration on travels and experiences to create and design unique products, capable of transmitting joy and fun”.

We were born in Cádiz, in the south of Spain, something that inspires everything we do by providing a dose of optimism, joy and creativity. We love that you have come down to us and that from now you are part of our history, making it more fun, original and creative every day.

Odisel, represents everything that we like and are passionate about, designing original products, made in Spain

Made 100% in Spain.

Once we thought about some of our products, we looked for a factory that would make it happen. Whenever possible, we try to find nearby factories. Our goal is to make limited, fast productions, thus favoring a more sustainable and local trade.

Passion for creativity and design.

Our designs are inspired by nature, our travels, the desire to explore new ways of doing things, people and different cultures. A living brand, always open to collaborating with other brands, designers and illustrators, with whom to develop new products and designs, contributing their own vision of Odisel.