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Odisel Family: Kimberly Kembie.

Odisel was born out of the concern to dedicate part of our time, to personal projects, creating a brand where we had total creative freedom, where we could experiment and design new products.


A living brand, always open to collaborating with other brands, designers and illustrators, with whom to develop new products, who help us by contributing with their vision of Odisel.


And thus, to become a platform to support, inspire and give visibility to authentic, optimistic, brave, artisan and local projects.

Today, we present a project by the illustrator Kimberly Kembie, who is part of the creative team behind Odisel,(Neosbrand).

Kimberly, is a Dutch illustrator, who ended up in Cadiz by chance, and discovered in it, a city full of light, something that is observed in each of her projects, a mixture of vibrant colors and organic shapes.

Last May, on the occasion of the Piel de Atún festival, she had the opportunity to illustrate a mural, in Cadiz, to raise awareness about the care of the sea and its environmental impact, something that in Odisel we attach great importance.



The result, after more than 3 days of work, is a striking mural, full of color, optimistic and cheerful, as in every project or idea that we develop at Odisel.

Discover more about Kimberly

Instagram. @Kimberly.Kembie

Sneakers used by Kimberly.

Zahara Petrol.